Flying Paper Lanterns on your Wedding

What’s common between an Indian wedding and ISRO? Well…as of recently, they both flying high and sending brightly lit flying objects in the sky. We are of course talking about one of the hottest trends in marriage ceremonies today. The Flying Paper Lantern!

Unlike crackers, it’s environment-friendly, no noise pollution either.

What is it:

Well, you buy a bunch of paper lanterns. And on your reception, or maybe after your sangeet is done have your guests come together, light them up  and release a whole bunch of these into the night sky. It’s a calm, magical effect when you see dozens of these twinkling  in the sky and given the Asian tradition of these taking away your worries, think of it like a spiritual experience after the wedding. We have seen this happen when the feras are happening, or when the jaimala happens.


Rupali and Nirav’s wedding


How to organise it

  • Buy a bunch of paper Lanterns from shops like the ones mentioned below
  • On the day you want to fly them, make sure there are lighters or match sticks around.
  • You can see a youtube instruction video here about how to fly these things.
  • Make sure you teach at least 5 members in your family how to fly these who can act as instructors to the rest of your close family on the day
  • Fly them on a special moment, but keep in mind that these are illegal to fly within 5 kilometers from any airport and that your venue may  not allow them’
  • They also come in all sizes, so get the smaller ones as those are easier to manage
  • Tell people to make a wish as they release theirs in the sky

What to keep in mind

  • Flying lanterns are a fire hazard ! This means, if you have a venue where there are a lot of trees , electrical wires and objects around, don’t fly these- they go to 2000 feet and can make something catch fire easily if not handled well
  • As mentioned above, these are illegal to  fly near an airport

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