Wedding Insurance in India

Talking about insurance could be the most boring thing one can think of while planning a wedding, however it could just be one of the most important things you do. Marriages today have evolved from being just a ceremony uniting two people in holy matrimony to a large production, where people often end up spending a large chunk if not most of their savings. Wedding insurance is becoming a very common practice and a safety net for many couples in India and around the world.

Insurance companies are cashing in on the country’s increasing affinity toward purchasing insurance and numerous insurers have come out with wedding insurance policies with widespread policies covering everything from damages to your wedding outfit to weather calamities. Policies in India cover many similar ’mishaps’, there are some differences and the diversity is more evident when it comes to the popular coverage options purchased.

A typical wedding insurance policy offers financial protection to the insurer from losses due to unforeseen events that hamper the wedding proceedings or lead to its cancellation. Generally, the policies in India cover losses arising from the postponement and cancellation of the wedding due to causes like natural calamities, injury to the bride or groom or an accident, injury to a family member, riots etc. You can also purchase coverage to insure your wedding venue, valuables or liability arising due to third party property damage or bodily injuries. With the amount of jewellery and cash gifts present in most Indian weddings, protecting your valuables can be a good idea and is one of the more common coverage options requested. One of the most important aspects some insurers offer, especially in a country like India where transportation hassles abound, is the protection against problems arising when either the bride or groom is stuck or delayed due to problematic transportation or road safety issues.

Wedding insurance in India and the United Sates both offer options like protection against losses due to the failure of service by vendors, wedding decorators, wedding photographers etc. there is one area that the U.S. has an advantage – easing your heartbreak. Some insurance providers are actually offering wedding insurance in the case of the bride or groom getting cold feet… no such luck here though; you will have to deal with the emotional turmoil along with the financial burden!

And definitely no luck for getting married to a dog or a tree.





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