Do I Need a Wedding Stylist?

Weddings are fairy tales in reality. The colourful drama, the fine linen, the shimmering lights that adorn the venue, the clink of the fine china cutlery, the heavenly aroma of multitude of flowers, the giggles of children and the tears of joy – all these are from the movies, right? What if I told you they aren’t? Hiring a wedding stylist would make this dream sequence turn into reality.

In case, you don’t understand the difference between a wedding planner and a wedding stylist, it’s just that a wedding planner will only act according to what you said you need and haphazardly put them into place with little to no sync.

Glittering warm golden fairy lights would look horrendous with a moonlit background but a wedding planner need not care about the hassles and aesthetics of it. On the other hand, a wedding stylist will ask you of what you envision regarding your D-day, what touched your heart in the wedding photographs of others or movie scenes based on weddings, what suits you and what doesn’t.

It is the job of the wedding stylist to glam your wedding up with your needs and their knowledgeable experience. There are of course, wedding planners who double over as wedding stylists. They handle both the beauty and the hard work side of your wedding.

  • The wedding stylist’s primary job is to satisfy YOUR and YOUR PARTNER’S needs and no one else’s. They will cater to only your fantasies and only indulge in other’s opinion after you have permitted and valued their opinions.


  • Since it’s the wedding stylist’s job to seam it all together into a smashing masterpiece of a wedding, it’s for your own good to answer honestly of what you imagined for your day. Unless you’re exceptionally good at juggling the finance for the wedding, the far-fetched relatives, the hassles of what you’ve ordered for the venue and decorating it marvelously, you do need a wedding stylist.


  • Contrary to popular belief, not all wedding stylists ask for exorbitant fees. They are stylists who fit into your budget and into your needs. They are time-efficient hires which would let you relax and enjoy being the center of attraction for the next three months.


  • One of the highlights of hiring a wedding stylist would be that you get to be stress free. Even if for a matter of few weeks, stress is bound to show on your face and body which would be counterproductive. Let someone else wonder where to put that chandelier so that it grabs eyeballs!


  • Wedding stylists will let you get the best out of your budget. They know what is best and when it is the best. You just need to be really clear about your budget situation with them.

Lastly, without a wedding stylist, you’re likely to be clueless about where to start and how to manage your timings of events. You’ll hit snags when trying to book a tricky location for your wedding or worst of all, be unprepared when the unexpected meteorological mood swings hit. This is why; you most definitely need an efficient wedding stylist.

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