Cool Return Gift Ideas for Wedding Guests that They Will Remember Forever!

Weddings are once-in-a-lifetime events and people go an extra mile to make it special. We tend to choose to the best menus, the best wedding venues and the best wedding gown, so why settle for the age old return gifts for the wedding guests.

Silver coins, Ganpati idols made of silver, crystal show pieces and traditional sweet boxes are no more in vogue. If you really want your guests to remember your wedding throughout their life, you need to think of something innovative that will keep reminding them of you and the special event. When it comes to wedding return gifts, the options are endless, but you need to choose ones that are unique and well within your budget. Here are some cool return gift ideas that will not only make your wedding day special but will also make your guests feel loved:

Goodie Bags

This is an all-time favourite among couples. Wedding couples, who want to treat their guests with the best of everything can choose goodie bags for their guests, however to make the gifts special choose from handmade bags. These bags are specially embellished with pearls, stones, laces and other decorative things to give a unique look. Moreover, they are available in variety of sizes and shapes and can be bought in bulk. So you can fill them with whatever you want and present them to your guests.

Dry Fruit Potlis

You must have received dry fruit or chocolate boxes at some event or the other; you can consider giving away the same to your guests. However, to make things special you can pack the dry fruits/chocolates inside designer potlis rather than traditional boxes. The potlis can later be used as bags as well. You can also consider gifting potlis that match the outfits to make your guests feel special.

Designer Candles

Who does not know about scented candles! But you can go an extra mile to personalise them. Handmade henna candles look gorgeous and stylish. These candles are decorated with henna designs to add an Indian touch. Henna candles are also available in various shapes and sizes, so you can choose one according to your taste.

Designer Jewelleries

You can hardly find anyone who is not in love with designer jewelleries.  Handmade bangles, kundan necklaces, Kundan kadas, and pearl bangles; the choices are never ending. These jewelleries can be matched with various outfits and make you look stylish and gorgeous. You can have an assortment of designer jewelleries and ask your guests to choose one that matches their outfits and style.

Mini Toiletries

This is especially great of you are planning a destination wedding. Your guests would be travelling from all corners of the world to attend your wedding, so you can make them feel loved by gifting mini toiletry sets. It is quite possible that your guests forget to carry their face washes, colognes or other toiletries. So by gifting toiletry sets, you save your guests from embarrassment.

So, let go of the old gift ideas and think of something innovative that will make your guests feel special and loved.

Things to Consider When Planning a Beach Wedding

Nothing can be more romantic than planning a beach wedding – the cool breeze of the sea, soft sand under the feet and the sun setting at a distance, the perfect setting to say ‘I Do’. A beach wedding can be a great experience for the couple as well as their guests. But in order to make sure everything goes as planned, there are a lot of things to be considered:

Choose the Right Time

Choosing the right time is paramount for the success of the big event. A daytime wedding is a perfect no-no for summers; you surely don’t want to be scorched under the sun, neither would you want your guests to get glistened. If you are planning your wedding during the summer season it is best to plan an evening event. The sea has its own beauty to show at the evening, so you can create the perfect romantic ambience.

On the other hand of you are planning to get married during the winter season, a daytime wedding would be the best. Feel the warmth of the sun and experience the beauty of the sea at daytime, while tying the knot with your beloved.

Skip that Flowing Gown

Dressing appropriately is another important thing if you are planning a beach wedding. A long flowing dress can be hard to carry and the laces can collect sand and dirt. So choose a wedding gown carefully. Moreover, it is never recommended to wear heels on the beach. Wear flat sandals with embellishments that match your gown. Get your hairs tied high; remember there would be strong breeze, so if you let your hairs loose, you can have a hard time managing them.

If you really want to feel the sea, let the guys wear informal attire.  Lightweight cotton clothes would be the best for the groom and the guys attending your wedding.

Find a Great Photographer

A beach wedding can be one of the most picturesque events, if you find the right wedding photographer. But make sure you hire an experienced photographer, since proper lighting techniques are a must to capture the best shots on the beach. Moreover, an experienced photographer would know how to capture the elements of the beach – the crashing waves, sunset, etc. to make the photos come alive.

Private or Public

One downside of beach wedding is that there would be many eyes prying on you. But you can cut down on that by choosing a private beach wedding. Many beachside resorts have private beaches, where only the guests are allowed; so you can have a private event without any outsiders. However, this might cost you some extra bucks.

Beach weddings are one-of-a-kind if you can plan it well. Oftentimes, hiring a wedding planner can sort out the difficulties since they have the required experience to keep things under control. But if you are hiring one, make sure he/she has experience in organising beach weddings. So go ahead and plan the best wedding ever.

Tips to Choose the Perfect Wedding Photographer

A wedding is incomplete without wedding photography. Wedding photography creates memories that you can cherish for a lifetime. The wedding photos should be beautiful and timeless, so that whenever you see them, you feel you are living every moment of the most important day of your life all over again.

However, unlike the other aspects such as food, music, etc. you don’t really know what you’re going to get. In case things go wrong, you won’t even have the chance to mend them. This means you will have to put in a lot of effort to find the best wedding photographer to ensure you make the best memories.

Here are some quick tips that will help you find out the best wedding photographer:

Decide the Style First

Before starting your hunt for the perfect photographer, decide what style of photography you are looking for – documentary, portraiture or edgy-bold. Depending upon the type of photography you want, you must find the best suited photographer.

Check Portfolio and Ask Questions

A good photographer would be able to capture the real emotions. So, before extending your conversation with a photographer, make sure you check his/ her portfolio. The images should be high quality and they should reflect the emotions. Once you are impressed with the portfolio, start asking questions instead of being swayed.

The following questions will give you a clearer picture whether the photographer is suitable for your requirements or not:

  • Experience in the field of wedding photography (of course you won’t consider if it is the photographer’s first wedding photography project)
  • The packages available and the pricing
  • How much time and how many photographers will cover the event
  • How quickly will the photos be delivered

Feel Comfortable

It is best to work with a photographer, who makes you feel comfortable. If you don’t, you won’t be able to express the true feelings. A good photographer will save your day even if things seem to go wrong. So interview several photographers and see who makes you the most comfortable.

Chalk Out a Plan

Once you have made you mind with whom you want to work, ask about his/ her plan. What events would be covered, how many photographs would be provided; whether they need extra arrangements to be made, etc. this will give you an idea about what to expect. In case you find something odd, pinpoint right away. If the photographer is too rigid, look for someone else.

It often becomes tough to determine where to start – so you can start asking for references from your friends and family. You can also have a discussion with the wedding planner, if you are hiring one. One good way of evaluating the quality of service is talking to the past clients of the photographer you are considering. If the photographer is confident enough, he/ she would not hesitate to provide the names of past clients; or you can get the names from the website as well.

Weddings are once in a lifetime events, so make sure you hire the best photographer and create wonderful memories!