Add Some Oomph to Your Wedding Make-Up – Try These Amazing Nail Arts

So are you all set to tie the knot? The wedding bells start ringing almost two months prior to the actually wedding week and this is the time when you have to take care of everything from finding a wedding planner, choosing the venue and starting your beauty care regime. Weddings are grand events, so you must make sure that you look your best on the final day.

You may choose bridal beauty packages with the city’s leading beauty salons and get groomed from head to toe. But if you are planning to hire a wedding planner, it is often included within their wedding package. So before booking your beauty package, check what services are offered by the wedding planner you are considering to work with. Many brides-to-be also consider joining a gym, fitness club or yoga classes to trim down further, so that they look gorgeous in their wedding gowns. You do so much to look good on your wedding day, so why compromise with your nails?

French manicures are fine, but if you want to add some more oomph to wedding make-up, you can get some interesting nail art to enhance your look. Nail art has become popular across the country and among people of all age groups. You can see people with nail arts at birthday parties, office gathering or even at family gatherings. So why just settle with plain nail paint during your wedding?

Wedding Nail Art

The bride gets the most attention during the wedding, so you just can skip getting your nails done before your wedding. It is recommended that you book a nail art session with your nail artist not more than two days prior to your wedding day. This is to ensure that the nail art stays intact. Many brides choose embellished nail arts, so if you get them done more than two days prior, you risk chipping or cracking or damaging the nail art. Once you get them done, avoid doing chores that may affect the nail art.

Choosing the Wedding Nail Art

The choice of wedding nail art is important in order to enhance your look. Decide what kind of wedding dress you are going to wear and the colour of the dress. The nail artist would choose the best suited nail arts and ask you to make your choice. You can choose between patterned, embellished or glittered nail arts. Choose one that you can carry well and matches with your wedding outfit.

Before getting the nail art done, you must get your hands manicured to make sure they are soft, clean and the nails are properly shaped. Choose the shape of your nail (block, pointed or rounded) depending upon the type of nail art you have chosen. Most brides-to-be choose block nails since it is easy to maintain and most nail arts look good on block nails.

If you are getting mehendi done on your hands, make sure the nail art is bright enough to be visible after application of mehendi. To enhance the overall look carry a handbag that matches (closely) to the nail art.

Start looking for the best nail artists in your town and get an appointment quickly.

Things to Consider When Hiring a Wedding Planner

Planning a wedding is one of the most daunting jobs in the world. Whether it is a big budget wedding or a modest wedding, it can be a nerve wrecking experience. So if you want to lower your stress levels, you should consider hiring an experienced wedding planner. Though you will have to shed off some money to hire the best wedding planners, it is worth the investment. Wedding planners add immense value to the big day by allowing you to have access to their network of vendors and get the best deals on everything ranging from decorators, caterers, DJs, etc.

But in order to make your wedding day memorable, it is necessary that you hire the best wedding planner. You can find wedding planners at every nook and corner of the city, but not all of them offer top notch services. So here are some things that you must consider when hiring a wedding planner:

Know Your Expectations

Before you start hunting for the best wedding planner, it is a must that you have a clear idea of your expectations from the wedding planner. Make a list of the things that you want the wedding planner to take care of specifically; also make a list of things that are a complete no-no for your wedding. Once you know what you want, start your search.

Make a List of Wedding Planners and Interview Individually

The next thing to do is make a comprehensive list of the wedding planners in your city and getting in touch with them to fix appointments. Talk with the wedding planner over phone to get an idea whether you will be willing to work with them or not….if yes put a tick; if not strike off the name from the list. Once you have shortlisted a few planners, interview them individually. Ask them to show their portfolio; inquire about the budget required, their past work experiences, etc. Also ask how many weddings they handle at a time. If they say they handle many at a time, just strike off their name and move on to the next.

Communicate About Your Budget – Clearly

This is the most important part – you must talk with the wedding planner about your budget. Ask about the packages offered and their charges. Also ask if you will get any discounts for hiring their services. When talking about packages, make sure you know exactly what services would be offered. It is best to get a written agreement, once you have finalised on everything.

Perform a Background Check

Now you don’t need to hire a private detective for this. Just call the past clients and talk to them about the level and quality of services offered by the wedding planner you are considering to hire. Ask how happy they were with the services. If you get positive responses from most of the clients, you can safely go ahead and hire the planner.

Indian weddings are extravagant and a lot needs to be taken care of. So put all the responsibilities on the shoulders of the wedding planners and enjoy your day to the fullest.

A Treat For Jutti Lovers

The Juttis have undergone a stunning transformation over the years and now most of the brides want to buy them for their sangeet, mehendi and even wedding. For those who want the right amount of sparkle while ensuring their comfort for the entire wedding day, Juttis are the way to go! Here’s a preview of the adorably winsome pair of Juttis and you’ll love to get a pair for yourself too! Go ahead, ogle. You may thank us later.

Cream & Pink Cherry Blossom Juttis


Pearls n Roses By Juttichoo


Bluemorning glory by Coral Haze


Beaded shoes/khussas by Soma


Statement Flats Made From Fine Leather By Soma


Summer Rose Designer Juttis


Peach Mirror Jutti


Wedding Insurance in India

Talking about insurance could be the most boring thing one can think of while planning a wedding, however it could just be one of the most important things you do. Marriages today have evolved from being just a ceremony uniting two people in holy matrimony to a large production, where people often end up spending a large chunk if not most of their savings. Wedding insurance is becoming a very common practice and a safety net for many couples in India and around the world.

Insurance companies are cashing in on the country’s increasing affinity toward purchasing insurance and numerous insurers have come out with wedding insurance policies with widespread policies covering everything from damages to your wedding outfit to weather calamities. Policies in India cover many similar ’mishaps’, there are some differences and the diversity is more evident when it comes to the popular coverage options purchased.

A typical wedding insurance policy offers financial protection to the insurer from losses due to unforeseen events that hamper the wedding proceedings or lead to its cancellation. Generally, the policies in India cover losses arising from the postponement and cancellation of the wedding due to causes like natural calamities, injury to the bride or groom or an accident, injury to a family member, riots etc. You can also purchase coverage to insure your wedding venue, valuables or liability arising due to third party property damage or bodily injuries. With the amount of jewellery and cash gifts present in most Indian weddings, protecting your valuables can be a good idea and is one of the more common coverage options requested. One of the most important aspects some insurers offer, especially in a country like India where transportation hassles abound, is the protection against problems arising when either the bride or groom is stuck or delayed due to problematic transportation or road safety issues.

Wedding insurance in India and the United Sates both offer options like protection against losses due to the failure of service by vendors, wedding decorators, wedding photographers etc. there is one area that the U.S. has an advantage – easing your heartbreak. Some insurance providers are actually offering wedding insurance in the case of the bride or groom getting cold feet… no such luck here though; you will have to deal with the emotional turmoil along with the financial burden!

And definitely no luck for getting married to a dog or a tree.





Creative mehendi designes for your wedding.

What’s a wedding without Mehendi? And with social media showcasing a new thing every day, we are just about reeling at the creativity. So we got you some of our favourite designs.

Usually the grooms initials are scattered around the Mehendi is a long standing tradition but what if there’s the photos of the groom in Mehendi. Have a look some really brillaint ideas, sketched out in the palm of the brides hands.

The Proposal Story



Baarat at your feet


Two Fireflies One Camera

Amazing intricate work


coolbluez photography

Jewellery design mehendi


Minion Mehendi


Tell a Royal tale


Kundan Mehendi Artist

Parisian Mehendi


Groom portraits


Kundan Mehendi Art

The proposal story




Flying Paper Lanterns on your Wedding

What’s common between an Indian wedding and ISRO? Well…as of recently, they both flying high and sending brightly lit flying objects in the sky. We are of course talking about one of the hottest trends in marriage ceremonies today. The Flying Paper Lantern!

Unlike crackers, it’s environment-friendly, no noise pollution either.

What is it:

Well, you buy a bunch of paper lanterns. And on your reception, or maybe after your sangeet is done have your guests come together, light them up  and release a whole bunch of these into the night sky. It’s a calm, magical effect when you see dozens of these twinkling  in the sky and given the Asian tradition of these taking away your worries, think of it like a spiritual experience after the wedding. We have seen this happen when the feras are happening, or when the jaimala happens.


Rupali and Nirav’s wedding


How to organise it

  • Buy a bunch of paper Lanterns from shops like the ones mentioned below
  • On the day you want to fly them, make sure there are lighters or match sticks around.
  • You can see a youtube instruction video here about how to fly these things.
  • Make sure you teach at least 5 members in your family how to fly these who can act as instructors to the rest of your close family on the day
  • Fly them on a special moment, but keep in mind that these are illegal to fly within 5 kilometers from any airport and that your venue may  not allow them’
  • They also come in all sizes, so get the smaller ones as those are easier to manage
  • Tell people to make a wish as they release theirs in the sky

What to keep in mind

  • Flying lanterns are a fire hazard ! This means, if you have a venue where there are a lot of trees , electrical wires and objects around, don’t fly these- they go to 2000 feet and can make something catch fire easily if not handled well
  • As mentioned above, these are illegal to  fly near an airport

Adorable Props & Photo Booth ideas for your wedding!

Weddings are all about taking good pictures these days. For that, creating innovative ways and unique ideas are most important. Enter: Photo booths. They’re fun, dramatic and sometimes, over-the-top but they really make any wedding super-duper fun. But the real part of a photo booth is the way the props are used to create drama.

So here we are with amazing and some really adorable ideas that make a great photo booth . Those that can be easily moulded to fit into any theme. The best part of photo booth are that you don’t really need a professional or a great photographer to capture the spirit or use the Selfie booth.

Pics credits: Dipak Studios Wedding Photography; Avnni & Aneesh’s wedding Shagun & Rakshay’s Wedding Ruby Singh Ria & Gautam’s Wedding Radhika & Jeff’s Wedding Photography by Happy Frames Dot Dusk Photography at Divya & Dhiraj’s Wedding Ria & Gautam’s Wedding  Tanvi & Avinash’s wedding  Ajeta & Ketan’s wedding Stories by Joseph Radhik Love Dope photography Jeevitha Decorator Decor by SM Weddings and Photograhy by Stories by Joseph Radhik Siddharth Sharma Swarovski display at The Vogue Wedding Show Shoumik De Photography


Ideas for pre wedding shoot.

Pre-wedding shoots have become a very integral part of a wedding. It is not more an accessory to the wedding package. However to get it done right is a challenge.

You remember that scene in our favourite sitcom Friends where Chandler just cannot take a romantic picture without making a face? There is a little bit of awkwardness, and little bit of hesitation and a lot of bashfulness.  That’s why you need a basic (romantic) checklist, one that will get you that picture you want on your bedside table with minimal worries.

Before we dive into the shot list, here are some pointers for getting yourself loosened up:

  • Carry a bottle of wine to your shoot. Nothing like a little drink to let yourself loose
  • Music can help you relax
  • Sometimes, keeping reference photos on your phone is the easiest way to get started.
  • If the boy is camera shy, have him look at you or talk to you rather than looking at the camera, you do the posing.
  • Master the fake laugh- you know the one where you throw your head back with your mouth slightly open. It’s a killer shot- every single time
  • Bring your pet. If you are dog lovers then having your pooch around can make you both comfortable and some crazy cute photos.

Here are the list of shots to consider:



Silhouette Shot