Wedding Photography Styles and Trends You Need to Know

Couples are going an extra mile to capture the moments from their biggest day in a unique way. DO you the long wedding videos and traditional photos boring? With the technological advancements, wedding photography has undergone sea change over the past few years. Couples are now looking forward to try new styles of wedding photography and give a special touch to the memories they create on their wedding day.

Not just the couples, the wedding photographers too are going an extra mile these days to offer the best they can. The new generation of cameras can be used underwater, or attached to drones, cars, or aerial copters to shoot one-of-a-king photos and videos. Unlike the couples of yesteryears, today’s couples are more concerned about the quality of photos rather than the budget. Destination pre-wedding shoots are hot among the modern couples and they are known to travel to France, Greece, Italy and other such picturesque destination for pre-wedding shoots. So if you are ready to experiment with your wedding photography start looking for a reputed wedding photographer who can keep up to your expectations.

Wedding Photography Styles

Talking about wedding photography, today you have a lot more options to choose from. As a couple you can choose from the following wedding photography styles to suit your needs:

  1. Traditional Photography

This is the oldest form of wedding photography and there are many people who still choose traditional photography. There nothing much to be said about this since most of us have witnessed it since our childhood.

  1. Digital Wedding Photography

Digital photography is the second most common type of photography chosen by the couples; however the quality is much better compared to traditional photography since advanced digital cameras are used which can capture high quality photos even under low light conditions. You can get the photographs within days after your wedding.

  1. Film Photography

Film style photography is one-of-a-kind, since it gives importance to the details. This type of photography often involves greater work and thus it can be expensive as well. Moreover, not all photographers will be able to provide this kind of photography. So you need to find specialised photographers. If you are too keen on choosing this form of wedding photography, your wedding planner might help you find a photographer.

  1. Drone Photography

If you want a bird’s view incorporated within your wedding photos, you must choose drone photography. The advantage of drone photography is that you can capture the scenic beauty and capture an intimate moment among the most picturesque setting from a distance. This kind of photography is highly recommended for outdoor or destination weddings. The grandeur of this kind of photography can be replicated by no other form of wedding photography.

  1. Documentary Photography

This style of photography has gained immense popularity in the recent times. Unlike other forms of photography, in this style the photographer captures candid and spontaneous shots of people, moments, actions, etc. When you look at the photos, you feel like you are viewing a documentary of a wedding.

No doubt the choices are many, but the one that you should choose depends upon your specific needs and budget. So talk to a reliable and reputed photographer and make an informed decision.

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