Take Your Wedding to the Next Level with Ice Sculptures

So you have found the best wedding gown and the best wedding venue. You have also found the best wedding planner and wedding photographer who will not only make the event memorable for you, but for everyone who attends your wedding. When you have done everything to make your wedding stand out from the others, why compromise with the aesthetics?

Decorating the venue with flowers or having it decked up according to a specific theme is quite among couples; but what can you do to stand out from the crowd? Think about ice sculptures. Ice sculptures are back in vogue and many people are considering it add glam factor to the wedding. Ice sculptures are beautiful and elegant works of art that are made from ice. There are a number of companies that specialise in wedding ice sculptures and can create just about anything you want from a block of ice. Ice sculptures have been a hot favourite among couples since it adds a sense of luxury and exclusivity to the overall ambience.

Some people might question that the ice sculpture will inevitable melt away, so why choose them over other decorative elements? The simple answer would be – the elegance that an ice sculpture can add to the atmosphere is unmatched to that of other decorative elements. Moreover, you can capture there elegance through exclusive wedding photography and preserve the ambience forever.

Ice sculptures can be used in a number of ways:

Erect an enormous ice sculpture near the entrance with a welcome message to woo the guests; or choose smaller ones as accents throughout the venue. Combine ice sculptures with LED lights and you will get masterpieces. Ice sculptures can also take the form of flower vases, centrepieces, etc. You can go an extra mile and serve cold salads in ice platters. Moreover, you will surely want the beverages to be chilled, so what better way can you store the beverages than a rack carved out of a block of ice.

There is ideally not limit with the experimentations you can do with ice sculptures; if you are considering ice for your wedding get in touch with a specialist and discus your requirements. Remember, you might have to fulfil some extra requirements if you ice because under nor mal conditions ice would melt away before anyone could witness their beauty. Since ice sculpture is not very popular in India, you can ask your wedding planner to look for a company that offers wedding ice sculptures.

Another important aspect is to consider is the price; since a lot of effort and expertise is needed to create art out of a block of ice, it might be a bit expensive compared to traditional decoration. So work up your budget and talk to the vendors before deciding whether you want ice sculptures for your wedding or not.

So let your imaginations fly and make the special day even more special with beautiful and gorgeous wedding ice sculptures.

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