How to make Mehendi and Sangeet Events much more FUN

Mehendi and Sangeet – two fun occasions in almost every Indian wedding! It is celebrated prior to the wedding to hike up the fun and merriment. These events were strictly limited to the ladies traditionally who apply mehendi on the bride’s palms and feet and sing songs about love, families and children.

The old, the young and the extremely young; all join in on this event even the males. After applying turmeric paste, the bride-to-be has to wash it off and be ready to be applied complexly stunning mehendi patterns which could hide her life partner’s initials.  But mehendi and Sangeet can become boring if the events have too many guests and too little fun things to do together. So, here are a few suggestions of how to spice it up:

  • Photo Booth – Who doesn’t love having their pictures taken? You can set up a photo booth which is something which would be innovative and new. The guests could each take turns in making a Polaroid moment to add to your wedding album. You can either hire a photographer or have an automated photo booth, totally your choice.
  • J. – Dancing to beats is fun but only to a certain limit. It’s tedious and boring to dance to disco music in events which could take hours. In such cases, arrange for little prize distribution that has a personal touch. Assign some people to walk up to the floor at random moments and present a particular guest with titles like “Mr/Ms. Sweety”, “Mr/Ms. Dramebazz”, “Mr/Ms. Party ki shaan”, “Mr/Ms. Food lover”, et cetera et cetera. This little game can make them expectant and help the other poke some innocent fun. Also, you could arrange for a large scale musical chair with fun music sponsored by D. J.
  • Cartoon Artist – Hiring a cartoon artist who will draw funny comic portraits of the guests or capture a comic scene which just transpired in pencil and paper, after all in a hall full of people something really stupid and funny is bound to occur.
  • Tattoo Artist – It doesn’t have to be the permanent tattoo stall. But a stall for the temporary tattoos would be adorable and fancy. The guests who always had a secret desire to get inked would find it the most opportune to have such a stall at the convenience. Maybe etching some logo that would represent them as Team Bride to show solidarity.
  • Nail Art – Some of your guests might have been so overworked from their professional life or having a tough time managing all the hassles of wedding events. For them this stall would be a relaxation booth where they can finally catch up on their manicure and pedicure and have their lovely nails painted to a design that amateurs would be incapable of doing.
  • Tarot Card Reader/Fortune-Teller – How cool is this! A free stall for a fun insight of how the gala wedding weekend will turn out for them. It would be best utilised by people who are eager to get married soon too. Perhaps an insight into the future of where they might meet their prince or princess.

So, go ahead and use these ideas for your mehendi and sangeet events. Improvise them according to your taste. Mix it up with one sole purpose which is to have loads of fun.

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